Tuesday, 28 June 2011

FINAL ANIMATION (the resubmission)

after alot of thinking and hard work over the last few days its finally paid off and ive created my final animation. i believe the blogger has cut it off at both sides abit however the animation file i'll give hand in wont be cut off or even just visit youtube on this link to see it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MZsjXNCAu4

final cut

I used final cut to end up putting these things and effects together, including the type at the end and made it so the moon fades out and the type falls behind the mask as it moves across the screen.

falling down effect

took me a while to figure out and had to look up some tutorials on youtube to help me with it but i finally got it to work! i used to the jagged effect to make my masks fall down at the end.

Monday, 27 June 2011

making the real one!

 starting to produce the final animation now and while doing this i did take a few screen shots of the actions i was taking while producing this on after effects.


tester on after effects

before doing my animation i thought id do alittle tester on after effects first to look at effects and what i can put into my animation.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

the mask

next was the main character of my animation which was my tribal mask. what I did here to create this was took the photos i took of it on placed them into illustrator and used live trace to create a vector, i also found a nice tribal pattern i quite liked and overlayed that over the mask on photoshop.

starting to digitize..

after producing my storyboard and knowing how im wanting to create my animation i start to trasfer my photos etc onto the mac to turn them into digital form. first off i was wanting quite a plain light background for my animation so i took a photo of just the blank white sheet i had to take photos of the mask on and tried to manipulate it in photoshop alittle to get it looking quite subtle. >>>

storyboard progresss..

 here is the final storyboard for my animation.
what basically happens throughout the animation is that the suns in the sky moving round while a big tribal mask starts to duplicate into more tribals masks and get smaller each time like russian dolls. then the little one jumps up and down, then the next biggest and then the bigger one after than, then the moon comes in and then the biggest one comes down and trambles the ground on its landing that the rest of them fall off the screen. then at the end the big tribal mask slides across the screen and then says 'by becky matthews'

< here is my first rough draft of my story board...


Here are a couple of my photos i took of the tribal masks to begin with. I placed them on a white sheet to make them contrast alot more with the background when taking a photo, this would also make it alot easier for me when it comes to selecting just the mask on the mac aswell.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

print to pixel - add on for RESUBMISSION

for my resubmission I decided research aside I would start fresh. however I still wanted to do my animation on tribal masks, so I borrowed some proper ones from a friend, drew them and took some photos to start of my ideas.

I also decided to not do my animation as a stop motion this time as I think i found it slightly difficult and dragging which made me lose interest in the project.. so I thought i'd put my After Effects skills to use this time.

Monday, 25 April 2011

final storyboard..

here's a taster of my final story board with my final initial idea!
the story to my animation is a shot of my floor with random objects i own that scatter together on the floor space to create a big tribal mask of my own and to create different facial expressions to the music - kinda like an art attack!

Saturday, 23 April 2011


today i did abit of research on how frames work in an animation and researched more on what 'tweening' is..
here is some evidence of this sketchbook work..